Established in 2008, Byronswell Ltd is a textile recycling company based in Southampton, Hampshire. Our mission is to work with children and young people’s charities and to date we have helped grant wishes for hundreds, if not thousands, of seriously ill children.

Past fundraising

Dreams Come True £213687.37
Round Table Children’s Wish £40000
Total donated to charity: £253687.37

As of November 2017, our new fundraising partner is Samuel’s Charity. We will begin distributing charity bags across the country in 2018. We are very excited to start raising funds for Samuel’s Charity and hope to make a significant contribution to their fantastic work and national profile. For more information about our partnership please visit our Charity Partnership page.

What do we do?

Our operation is simple: we specialise in textile banks and house to house bag distribution and collection nationwide. We collect clothing, toys, shoes, bags, bedding and bric a brac, and sell these onto buyers in Eastern Europe and Africa. We then donate a proportion of the money generated per tonne to charity.

Our mission is to raise significant funds for children and young people's charities and help raise the national profile of the valuable work they do. We have previously worked with Dreams Come True and Round Table Children’s Wish and consider it an honour to have donated significant amounts of money over the years, helping them towards their goals of granting wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses. Please visit the website of our current fundraising partner Samuel’s Charity for more information about how your donations help children in hospitals across the UK.

Charity benefits

Byronswell’s shareholders invest in transport across Europe and the UK, storage, warehousing and manpower, as well as capital costs such as new textile banks and collection bags. This way the charity bears none of the financial risk and we deal with 100% of the logistics and administration. The property collected is always recycled and sold on for lower prices to people that really need it. In this way, Byronswell helps on two fronts.

Byronswell cares about:

The environment

By contributing to a better and cleaner environment by reducing waste at landfill sites

Children and young people

By helping to bring joy to seriously ill children through our support of Samuel's Charity

Less fortunate families

By providing affordable clothing, toys, shoes and other items to communities with very limited means

Job creation

By providing work in the UK, Eastern Europe and Africa to the many people who are part of our supply chain, i.e. donating, collecting, shipping, warehousing, sorting, selling, manufacturing