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We help you to grant wishes!

If you are visiting our website for the first time you are almost certainly seeking re-assurance. For example....

Making a donation?

You may be about to make a donation via a bag collection or a textile bank of unwanted clothes, shoes or other household items, to support our charity partner Round Table Children's Wish. If so, thank you for your kindness and please donate with confidence.

School or business?

You may represent a school or business that is thinking about organising a one-off textiles collection, or perhaps considering the installation of a Round Table Children's Wish clothing bank. We really appreciate your support – thank you.

Cash for clothes?

You may be interested in offering Byronswell clothes for cash in which case please go to our Contact page and get in touch for more information.

Local Authority?

Or you may work for a local authority for example, making sure that Byronswell is a reputable company which complies with current legislation concerning collections and recycling. In which case - no problem and please see our full details on the Contact page.

Still need re-assurance?

We completely understand why everyone needs to be re-assured – the textiles recycling industry all too often gets a ‘bad press’ due to the activities of a tiny minority of bogus operators. This is frustrating because the reality is that UK charities happily receive £millions every year from recycling companies. Byronswell’s response to this longstanding industry problem has been to co-operate fully with Round Table Children's Wish in developing a joint Recycling Code of Best Practice, to ensure that we are offering a fair and ethical approach to fundraising from recycling. Check our Charity Partnership page for more information.